"A Moment of peace
for Mind and Body."

We provide the special moment to
balancing Mind and Body.

From scalp and hair care to relaxation focus, we customize programs and options based on each customer's health status
and scalp condition through a microscope.


60 minutes : 2500 ฿

A : REFRESH Program (Head・Neck・Hair)

Specialized Head & Hair care focus Program

Including massage from Head to Neck. The Luxurious “Head scalp&Hair” Refresh experience

Refresh Image

B : RELAX Program (Neck・Shoulder・Head)

Specialized Relaxation focus Program

Focusing on Neck to Shoulder. Relieve a stressful daily life.

Relax Image

OMAKASE Program (Head・Shoulder・Neck・Foot・Hair)

80 minutes : 3500 ฿

Specialized Intensive Care Program

Design for “Balancing mind&body”, “Improving Fatigue&Discomfort”, “Resolving Concern”.

And return the shine to your scalp and your hair.

This program includes “Relaxing Electrical Massage“ or “Relaxing Head Bath“.

With selected Essential oils and Cleansing Masks for scalp based on each customer's conditions.

Rebalance Image

“Discover the New You” OMAKASE Program (Head・Neck・Shoulder・Hair)

100 minutes : 4500 ฿

"Welcome Back to the New You."

Balancing the mind and body and letting it “Reborn”.
Top-Tier Care for Mind・Body・Scalp・Hair・Facial Lift-Up.

Start with selected Drink, Providing the Luxurious Reborn moment from inside to hair end.
Perfect for Self-Reward or Gift for someone special.

"To the PEAK of Yourself". ”OMAKASE” Program

120 Minutes : 1 Room Reservation start from 5500 ฿

“To the PeaK of Yourself.”

We offer a specialized program
where experts check your current scalp, hair, and body condition alongside your goals.
We provide consultation to help you determine the right program.

Scalp issues, preventing hair loss, addressing hair damage or frizz, Even only soothe physical discomfort and mental fatigue, we approach your goals from your current state.

If you’re unsure about which program to choose,
Head Onsen will guide you in selecting the finest thing that aligns with your objectives.

The room reservation fee is 5,500 THB, and the program's cost will vary based on the program's specific content,
ranging from 5,500 THB.

Luxury Shampoo&Blow Dry

40 Minutes : 600 ฿
(Include Blow&Dry)

"Bringing Relief to Your Everyday Life."

Experience the Head Onsen Original Luxury Shampoo Massage, designed to soothe your everyday fatigue and bring relaxation to your daily routine.

(This service is available only to individuals with a history of using the 60-minute or longer program.)


10 Minutes : 800 ฿

Providing acupressure around the eye area to soothe daily eye strain, reduce facial puffiness, and improve skin firmness.

Soothing tired eyes and help with headaches, Also can expect the appearance of your eye area benefit.

With Aroma scent provide the pleasant relaxation experience.

Experience a refreshed awakening.
(This service is available only to those who have received a spa.)

"Hair Health Improvement Treatment"

10 minutes : 3000 ฿

Introducing the next-generation Hair treatment, Simple but maximum result.

Designed to answer various hair concerns, such as "Frizzy" or "Impossible to Dye ‘cause Damage."
This hair treatment menu works to improve hair health.

With the power of Acids will provide shine and softness, Repairing the hair and guides it to a better condition through repeated care.

(This service is available only to those who have received a spa.)

"Relaxing Electrical Massage"

10 minutes : 500 ฿

Electrical currents wake the cells on your scalp, improving your immune.
Moreover, make exercises of facial muscles.

The effect is particularly effective in easing tension and reducing swelling that might not be easily to do with manual techniques.

You'll experience a sense of lightness in your body.

(This service is available only to those who have received a spa.)

Ultrasonic Wave Iron

5 Minutes : 500 ฿

Forget the present date Treatment.
Enhance the effectiveness of every treatment.

With the industry's best high-frequency ultrasonic output,
Break Treatment down to molecule, lead to the deepest part of Hair.

This leads to an enhancement of the treatment's effectiveness and duration.

Relaxing Head Bath

5 Minutes : 500 ฿

This machine showers the head with warm water, providing the effects of scalp cleansing, balancing the parasympathetic and autonomic nervous systems, and improving circulation.
With the Aroma will enhance relaxation and creating a pleasant and soothing experience.

(This service is available only to those who have received a spa.)

Special Program

"To the New You."
Introducing the "Annual Passport" and "Priority Card."

For those who want to maintain and enhance health and beauty, Annual Passport
we offer the Annual Passport at Head Onsen.
There are two types: Gold Member and Silver Member,
each with its own set of benefits and services.

For the Best of you,Priority Card,
which is exclusive and available only through customer referrals or invitations from Head Onsen. (Invitations are extended to customers who meet specific criteria, such as exceeding a certain number of annual visits.)

Holders of the Priority Card receive reward points, which can be exchanged for services, products, and more.

For more details, please inquire at our shop.

"Gift Card For Someone Special."

At Head Onsen, we offer the perfect Head Spa Gift Card, ideal for gifts or rewards.

Show your appreciation to those who have been there for you, to your loved ones,
with the gift of a Head Spa experience the peace of the mind and body.

- Available for purchase based on the contents of each course.
- No expiration date.
- Available for purchase in-store or online.


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