Ms. Noi / 60 Min Refresh Program

I decided to come here Because I want to relax.
Find time for myself to escape from exhaustion. And Japanese Coordinator is here for any Scalp and Hair advice.
Then Japanese Coordinator used a camera to look at the scalp. He looked at the scalp to see what it was like. It's very dry. Some spots have fallen off into sheets.
So he chose shampoo and mask. For nourishing and adding moisture to the scalp and hair, exactly what you want.
When entering the spa room, it was like falling into another space. The music is very calm when listening to it. The aroma that the shop chooses for you smells good. I like it. Once they start the spa, start washing my hair, I slept.
Relax, clear your head, feel good.

Ms Dannis / 60 Min Refresh & Soda Program with Relaxing Head Bath

Wash your head with soda. Feels like going into an onsen and feeling comfortable. Helps clean the pores. Also make more hair volume.
After that, continue with shampoo&treatment. I feel soft and smooth when I touch my hair. The scalp and hair are not oily. Feeling scent of aroma shampoo
Hair Style stayed for a week. Without having to style it yourself.
Shampooing by myself or Shampoo Blow dry at a hair salon probably won't do this. Never tried anything like this before.

Ms Fah / 60 Min Relax Program

I decided to try this program because I was feeling run down. I was looking for service to help me relax.
The program included a décolleté massage and Aroma. The coordinator helped me choose the perfect aroma for me.
Each aroma has different properties, and it's said that the scent you're most drawn to is the one your body needs most.
The massage itself was wonderful. The BGM and lighting were perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere. I felt all my tension melting away.
I felt completely relaxed. It was like erase all my fatigue from last week.

Ms Akiko / 80 Min Rebalance Program

I decided to come to this Spa Salon, When I felt shoulder pain and neck pain were excruciating.
The 80 minute program covers a bit from the shoulders to the back. Relax with the aromatherapy scent and sleep comfortably.
When your nose feels stuffy You have to smell aromatherapy to clear your nose. Didn't even get over the cold. But at least I slept better.
There is also a microscope to look at the condition of the scalp and choose shampoos and treatments that are suitable for the scalp and hair. It's my own original combination of shampoo and treatment.
Each program is different, but 80 minutes is recommended.

Mr Ben / 100 Min Reborn Program

I usually like to get massages. But if Thai style rarely has a head massage Plus the head spa that i went, focus only on scratching. Scratch like the skin almost falls off.
So come take a look at this place. Want to know what a Japanese style head spa would be like?
The first difference is that it's really detailed, really asking questions, asking if there are any allergies. Checking head scalp thought
When we started the spa, the program i chose had an electric massage brush. I mean, I don't know what it is. But when I try it, my shoulders bounced and my head shaked.
When they started massaging my head, They did exactly what I wanted. They massaged at the point and along the line. They didn't scratch too hard. Scratching with their fingertips doesn't hurt at all.
They said this brush will help relieve tension. In a way that manual way can't massage it, and when I circled my arms, it's really smooth, really smooth And this program also has an Head Onsen machine.
Let the water run down my forehead. Which, when it focuses on the forehead It felt very comfortable.
When finished, it's clear. Comfortable on both shoulder and head
Finally, They gave me advise, recommend what kind of product should i use?
If in the future there is a problem like this, do it this way. i really love how kind of they are

Ms Toey / 120 Min OMAKASE Program

I decided to try this course because I wasn't sure what kind of treatment I needed. My hair was dry and I got some hair loss.
When I arrived at the salon, they first used a camera to check my scalp. I was shocked to see that it was very red and inflamed. My hair was also dry and brittle.
They recommended a deep conditioning treatment for hair and a stem cell treatment to help my hair grow faster and repair my scalp.
The treatment began with a relaxing scalp massage and wash. They used a variety of new tools, like Head Onsen machine that simulated the feeling of water falling on my forehead, and the Ultrasonic treatment that helped to put the treatment into my hair.
The high light was the stem cell treatment. I had heard of stem cells being used for facial, but I didn't know that they could also be used on the scalp.Also they used an electrical massage brush, that was amazing experience.
After the treatment, my hair was soft, smooth, and shiny. It felt like it had been reborn! My scalp was also less red and inflamed.
Overall, I had a wonderful experience at the salon. The treatment was relaxing and effective, and my hair looks and feels amazing. I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone who is experiencing hair loss or scalp problems.


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